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28 March 2017

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The Trading Floor Interview: Dan Knipe

10 February 2017

The head of life investments at Leadenhall Capital Partners, Dan Knipe, tells us why banking and regulatory changes are creating life ILS opportunitiesRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: Richard Lowther

3 November 2016

Richard Lowther, chief operating officer at Hiscox Re Insurance Linked Strategies, says hybrid reinsurer ILS managers are upping their game, but some can do more to appeal to investorsRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: Andre Perez

2 September 2016

Horseshoe Group founder Andre Perez tells Trading Risk why he'd like to see the ILS market lever upRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: Richard Pennay

10 June 2016

Rewire Securities co-founder Richard Pennay says that expanding cat bond coverage to more closely match reinsurance will help it competeRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: Bob Bisset

12 February 2016

Aon Benfield Global ReSpecialty CEO Bob Bisset says retro products can flex further stillRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: Paul Horgan

4 September 2015

Zurich Insurance Group's global head of reinsurance Paul Horgan tells Trading Risk that he wants to see more breadth from ILS marketsRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: Bruce Lucas

12 June 2015

Bruce Lucas, CEO of Heritage P&C, tells Trading Risk that the Florida (re)insurance market has reached a healthy equilibriumRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: James Dick

17 April 2015

James Dick, head of alternative investments at QIC, one of Australia's largest institutional asset managers, tells Trading Risk that there could be gains to be made from falling yieldsRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: John Butler

13 February 2015

Twelve Capital partner John Butler tells Trading Risk why he thinks reinsurance needs to get closer to the finance worldRead more

The Trading Floor Interview: Erik Manning

31 October 2014

Erik Manning, managing director of alternative solutions at Markel, explains why he thinks a defensive response to alternative capital could pay off better for reinsurers than aggressionRead more

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