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20 February 2017

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February 2017/1
Publication Date: 10 February 2017

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Demotech revamp may boost Florida demand

10 February 2017

Ratings agency Demotech said this month that it would be pushing local Florida carriers to reinforce their reinsurance programmes, as several of the state's smaller property insurers could be in line for a downgradeRead more

December storms lift IAG aggregate loss

10 February 2017

ILS funds and reinsurers on IAG's aggregate reinsurance programme will bear a notable loss for the second year runningRead more

The Pantone scale of the ILS market

10 February 2017

Convergence may be a preferred term for the ILS markets, but arguably it is becoming just as much of a misnomer for today's industry as the now outmoded "alternative reinsurance"Read more

Citizens sets sights on up to $1.3bn reinsurance

10 February 2017

Florida Citizens Property Insurance CEO Barry Gilway said the insurer expected to buy only $1.1bn to $1.3bn of total reinsurance limit in the mid-year 2017 renewalsRead more

RMS update shows 8-10% lower risk view at ILS levels

10 February 2017

An update to RMS's medium-term hurricane model will result in 8-10 percent reductions to projected annual average losses from US hurricanes for the typical cat bond market risk level of 1-in-100- or 250-year return periodsRead more

Aetna sets new low for Vitality cat bond rate

10 February 2017

Aetna cleared its latest Vitality Re health insurance bond at a new low in the past month as investors awaited more news on what broker-dealers said was a good pipeline of upcoming dealsRead more

Cat bond spreads slide 8% in January: RMS

10 February 2017

Absolute cat bond spreads fell by almost 8 percent in the first month of 2017, according to data from RMSRead more

Secondary trading slows amid strong bids

10 February 2017

Cat bond prices in the secondary market edged upwards early in February, as the market waited for the New Year's issuance to kick-startRead more

Darag preparing further legacy PCC deals

10 February 2017

Legacy insurer Darag has started work on a second deal through its cell platform as it looks to bring alternative capital to the run-off market, after completing its first such transaction last yearRead more

Investor news in brief

10 February 2017

PGGM ups ILS investment; IBI launch; 2016 returns lagRead more

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