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24 February 2018

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February 2018/1
Publication Date: 9 February 2018

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‘Floating’ pillars add to Markel Catco fire hit

9 February 2018

Markel Catco's "eye-catching" hike to its wildfire loss reserves in its December monthly report implies that the Californian disasters triggered the firm's "floating back-up" pillars, according to a Numis analyst's noteRead more

Tracking Markel Catco’s historical returns

9 February 2018

Undoubtedly, prior positive returns were one of the factors that weighed with investors who supported Markel Catco's successful reload last yearRead more

Bridging the gap

9 February 2018

One of the major post-HIM talking points in reinsurance circles was the question of whether there was a gap in loss estimates recognised by individual carriers and the overall anticipated industry burdenRead more

Latin American cat bond pushes Q1 issuance to $1.56bn

9 February 2018

First quarter cat bond issuance has already reached $1.56bn after the World Bank's Latin American earthquake cat bond upsized to close at $1.36bn, according to Trading Risk dataRead more

ILW pricing up by 15-30%

9 February 2018

Pricing for industry loss warranties is up by 15-30 percent on loss-affected covers, according to figures from brokers, as the market picks up after a slow start to the yearRead more

PCS figures for HIM reach $55bn

9 February 2018

The cumulative insured loss number from PCS for 2017 hurricane and wildfire claims now stands at $68bn, with all cat perils in the US totalling $88bnRead more

Swiss Re: mid-teens rise for ILS spreads post-HIM

9 February 2018

ILS spreads have widened in the mid-to-high teens range after last year's losses, Swiss Re Capital Markets estimated in its latest quarterly market reportRead more

Credit Suisse AuM edges up to $8.8bn

9 February 2018

The second-largest ILS manager posted a $200mn incremental gain in assets under management in January as it said it chose not to draw down on some post-loss capacityRead more

Mercer: modest rate rises still appealing to ILS investors

9 February 2018

Mercer Investments principal Robert Howie said that single-digit reinsurance rate increases may be attractive to ILS investors given the performance of other asset classesRead more

AIG-Validus deal marks new phase of ILS M&A

9 February 2018

AIG's surprise move to take over AlphaCat parent Validus continues the trend for reinsurer-affiliated asset managers to dominate M&A activity within the ILS management sectorRead more

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