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22 September 2017

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Florida homeowners’ market in balance after Irma

11 September 2017

The common denominator among almost all of Florida's homeowners' carriers is their relatively small capital bases and their heavy reliance on reinsuranceRead more

ILS market prepares for Irma test

11 September 2017

Hurricane Irma will be a major test for the ILS market even though it has taken a more favourable westerly turn for the reinsurance industry, straying away from MiamiRead more

ILS investors well-positioned to be rational post-loss

8 September 2017

ILS providers are well-positioned to take a rational stance on losses from a major event, Nephila Capital co-founder Frank Majors said in a roundtable discussion hosted by AM Best ahead of the hurricane season kicking into gear with Hurricanes Irma and HarveyRead more

UPC, FedNat, Universal among Floridians relying on ILS

8 September 2017

The Florida insurers that make heavy use of reinsurance from ILS managers  include UPC Insurance, Universal and Federated NationalRead more

Damage from Florida’s strongest hurricanes averaged $42bn

7 September 2017

Hurricane Irma is heading for the Florida peninsula almost a century after the 1926 Great Miami hurricane, which would have been the most damaging storm on record had it occurred todayRead more

Nephila and Everest lead Florida reinsurance world

6 September 2017

Nephila, Everest Re and RenaissanceRe were among the leading reinsurers of some of the top Florida insurers last year, according to data collated by Trading RiskRead more

Reinsurers spared brunt of Harvey

5 September 2017

High retentions on insurers' catastrophe treaties will shield reinsurers from the brunt of Hurricane Harvey claims, although there could be some cessionsRead more

‘Resilience bonds' a tool to avert catastrophe

1 September 2017

Can savings on insurance in the future somehow be leveraged to invest in resilience today?Read more

Risk conduits in M&A favour

1 September 2017

Underwriting agencies and fronting carriers continued to see demand from insurance sector investors looking for fee-driven businesses, rather than risk-taking entities, as two more M&A deals in this sector were revealed over the summerRead more

Heritage acquisition highlights ‘super-regional’ trend

1 September 2017

The latest acquisition by Heritage continues the trend for the larger Florida-based insurers to look to grow beyond their roots into "super-regional" carriers, a dynamic that is not necessarily favourable to their reinsurersRead more

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