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28 March 2017

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Cat bond structurers move to IBRD notes

17 March 2017

Issuers are increasingly choosing World Bank debt as the investment vehicle for cat bond collateral, following an uptick in US Libor yields throughout 2016Read more

Florida retrenchment could reduce reinsurance demand

17 March 2017

Pressure from ratings agencies to strengthen capital positions could force some Florida insurers to retrench, potentially reducing reinsurance demand, UPC Insurance chief financial officer Brad Martz said at the Sifma IRLS conferenceRead more

Reinsurers earn two-thirds of US wind margin from Florida

17 March 2017

Florida provides two-thirds of the exposure and margin in the reinsurance industry's US wind portfolio, according to data from Aon BenfieldRead more

Limestone may lead to further insurer sidecars

17 March 2017

Liberty Mutual's new Limestone Re sidecar could pave the way for further disintermediation in the (re)insurance sector, a Standard & Poor's (S&P) insurance analyst said at the Sifma IRLS conference in Miami last monthRead more

Cat bond traders: electronic trading still a long way off

17 March 2017

Electronic trading in the secondary cat bond market may still be a distant prospect, according to panellists at the Sifma IRLS 2017 conference in MiamiRead more

Hannoverís K among growing sidecars

10 February 2017

Hannover Re was among the reinsurers to top up on retro through expanded sidecar placements in the January renewalsRead more

Higher mortality rates stall longevity swap market

10 February 2017

Some UK pension funds are delaying making decisions on longevity swaps because of a recent increase in pensioner mortality rates, sources have told Trading RiskRead more

Rise of private cat bonds prompts liquidity fears

10 February 2017

Private cat bond placements have become increasingly common in recent years, but the popularity of these somewhat opaque transactions has been coupled with concerns over their impact on the market's liquidityRead more

RMS update shows 8-10% lower risk view at ILS levels

10 February 2017

An update to RMS's medium-term hurricane model will result in 8-10 percent reductions to projected annual average losses from US hurricanes for the typical cat bond market risk level of 1-in-100- or 250-year return periodsRead more

Sidecar returns drop to low teens

13 January 2017

Annualised sidecar returns dropped to the low teens towards the end of 2016, as the softening market and catastrophe losses took a toll on performanceRead more

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