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17 December 2017

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Can beta products outsmart the brokers?

7 December 2017

Smart beta products seem to be the flavour of the monthRead more

The ratings game

1 December 2017

Is 10-20 percent up the new flat?Read more

ILS market Thanksgiving

24 November 2017

If the ILS market convened for a Thanksgiving dinner this year, on the face of it, it seems pretty clear what they'd all have to be grateful forRead more

The ILW loss swirl

17 November 2017

The retro spiral of the late 1980s nearly finished Lloyd's off. But those hoping that an ILW spiral might entangle and trip up the ILS market in similar complications will have to wait another dayRead more

Questions, questions

10 November 2017

At this point there are a lot of questions being asked in the reinsurance markets and few definitive answers available. As it is a journalist's privilege to ask questions, let's go through some on the listRead more

Mixed signals

9 November 2017

Reinsurance pricing seems to rely on a certain amount of collective signalling in as much as it does number-crunching - as underwriters gauge how far they can push rates without losing business, by looking for fear in the eyes of their oppositionRead more

Moving the dial

2 November 2017

The winds of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have propelled 2017 into being one of the reinsurance market's most expensive years for catastrophe losses everRead more

The key to unlocking trapped capital

26 October 2017

How well-oiled is the lock on the ILS market's cashbox? That's essentially the question that the reinsurance market has been mulling over in the past month as underwriters look ahead to next year's renewalsRead more

The reinsurance feedback loop

17 October 2017

Reinsurance underwriters might have found themselves in the industry equivalent of the Christopher Nolan film Inception this year - unravelling a complicated loop of narrative threads spilling out from the nightmare losses of 2017Read more

Rare or well-done?

5 October 2017

If we were to think of the reinsurance market in foodie terms, it has to be a barbecue jointRead more

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