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28 March 2017

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Quibbles and quandaries

17 March 2017

Reinsurers live and die by their claims-paying ability, and the ILS market is no differentRead more

The Pantone scale of the ILS market

10 February 2017

Convergence may be a preferred term for the ILS markets, but arguably it is becoming just as much of a misnomer for today's industry as the now outmoded "alternative reinsurance"Read more


13 January 2017

As a New Zealander, I grew up accustomed to watching rugby players crash around the field armed with little more than a bit of strapping on their earsRead more

Under the Christmas tree

16 December 2016

What kind of presents might be waiting for the reinsurance market under this year's Christmas tree?Read more

Ghoulies and ghosties

3 November 2016

When you've been writing editorials for a few years, the ghosts of columns past inevitably come back to haunt youRead more

Layering up

30 September 2016

The reinsurance industry is dominated by talk of disruptive threats, cutting out loops in the supply chains and getting "closer to the risk"Read more

A throw of the dice

2 September 2016

The grand Monte Carlo casino is one of a number of entertainment options open to the horde of reinsurance executives about to descend upon Monaco for the annual Rendez-VousRead more

The quarter-life crisis

8 July 2016

Is the ILS market feeling old before its time?Read more

Upstream in the Everglades

10 June 2016

Getting "closer to risk" is one of the talking points in the reinsurance market at the momentRead more

On the grid

13 May 2016

One of the eternal unanswered questions in the reinsurance market is "what will happen next?"Read more

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