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24 March 2018

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Distress signals

23 March 2018

In the past week, several signs of distress have been emerging in the (re)insurance industry, which had seemed to rebound so quickly from last year's catastrophesRead more

Throwing open the warehouse doors

16 March 2018

The staff at independent ILS managers must be breathing a sigh of relief right now. Not for them the nagging fears of their Bermudian reinsurer peers, that they might turn up to work only to discover that they're next in line for consolidationRead more

Cloudy forecast for mid-year renewals

9 March 2018

Many of the ILS market folks who gathered in Miami this week for the Sifma IRLS conference would have been hoping for brighter skies than awaited them at home, as storms converged on both sides of the AtlanticRead more

Chasing the tail

16 February 2018

Is catastrophe risk as exotic as the reinsurance industry thinks it is?Read more

Bridging the gap

9 February 2018

One of the major post-HIM talking points in reinsurance circles was the question of whether there was a gap in loss estimates recognised by individual carriers and the overall anticipated industry burdenRead more

Insurance 2.0

26 January 2018

One of AIG's former reinsurance buyers, Samir Shah, once argued that insurers should be looking at ILS not just as an alternative to reinsurance cover but as a way to more fundamentally overhaul their capital structuresRead more

Flavour of the week

19 January 2018

Diversification has been the flavour of the week for my colleagues writing comment pieces over the past few days, influenced by developments such as RenaissanceRe's move to invest in legacy and life risksRead more

Balancing the budgets

12 January 2018

I took a three-week holiday in the sun in December - not the sort of thing you want to go bragging about in the reinsurance market when many people are working late nights in the run-up to the 1.1 renewalsRead more

The 1.1 renewals glass

5 January 2018

Did the reinsurance market get served a half-empty or half-full glass at the January renewals?Read more

Can beta products outsmart the brokers?

7 December 2017

Smart beta products seem to be the flavour of the monthRead more

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