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21 October 2017

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The reinsurance feedback loop

17 October 2017

Reinsurance underwriters might have found themselves in the industry equivalent of the Christopher Nolan film Inception this year - unravelling a complicated loop of narrative threads spilling out from the nightmare losses of 2017Read more

Rare or well-done?

5 October 2017

If we were to think of the reinsurance market in foodie terms, it has to be a barbecue jointRead more

Opening up

29 September 2017

Opacity is something you might expect in certain aspects of the reinsurance and ILS marketsRead more

No longer the gentlemen’s club

22 September 2017

The first week back at the desk after the reinsurance industry's annual Monte Carlo gathering can be a long and difficult slog for executives, having powered through dozens of half-hour meetings and evening receptions in sunny MonacoRead more

Postcard from Monte Carlo

21 September 2017

What a difference a week makesRead more

Monte Carlo jitters

1 September 2017

This is certainly not going to be a year where the reinsurance industry is twiddling its thumbs at the annual Monte Carlo Rendez-VousRead more

Self-steering reinsurance

21 July 2017

The ILS market has well and truly put its foot on the accelerator this year - with cat bond volumes setting new records and ILS managers competing hard in FloridaRead more

Widening the net

16 June 2017

Access to people with money to spend is closely guarded in the insurance and reinsurance markets. Premium dollars are shepherded carefully from insurance agents to carriers and then brokers before eventually reaching reinsurers and ILS managersRead more

Stoking the decoupling debate

12 May 2017

Back in 2013-2014 when the cat bond market was last booming the way it is right now, the boisterous volumes of issuance prompted a bit of philosophising over whether ILS rates had "decoupled" from the traditional marketRead more

The great equaliser

13 April 2017

ILS capacity has acted as the equaliser of Florida hurricane rates. It chased after the extra margin that reinsurers built into their calculations in taking on their peak hurricane risk, with the logical result of helping to erode the marginRead more

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