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23 April 2018

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Trading Risk Awards 2015

28 July 2015

We have a running joke in the Trading Risk newsroom that we should shake up our annual awards by introducing a new category for the best cat bond title of the year.

It arguably fits the criteria for helping to educate the market - for example, who knew the cranberry was the state berry of Massachusetts? Or that Benu was an Egyptian symbol of rebirth?

There are also some nifty names that offer journalists a temptation to come up with terrible punning headlines - such as Gator Re, which must have been snapped up by investors, or Citrus Re, which clearly put a squeeze on premiums?

Obviously the subject of debate was a bit more serious when it came to judging the actual nominees that were up for awards this year.

The judges - Trevor Bolt, Simon Cloney, Pete Vloedman, Dan Ozizmir and Morton Lane - all rose to the challenge of assessing a large number of entries with verve and humour and I must once again thank them for their commitment to the awards.

I would also like to applaud all those who took part in this year's event by submitting an entry and to congratulate the finalists who made their way through to the shortlist.

The awards ceremony is always one of the most sociable evenings on the convergence market's annual calendar and this year was no different, with almost 300 attendees gathering to catch up and celebrate with each other.

The moment during the evening that perhaps best highlights the sense of community in the market is when we announce the winner of the Outstanding Contributor of the year award.

This year, Trevor Bolt said that he had thoroughly enjoyed his 35 years of work in the market as he accepted his award.

To his fellow winners, who demonstrate the innovative spirit that is driving development in this market, congratulations once again.

To view our post-event supplement on the night, please click here.

Fiona Robertson,


Trading Risk


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