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Insurance Insider
is currently looking for a Deputy Editor to join its senior editorial team in London in a newly created role.

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Our Culture & Vision

To ensure that our readers...

Know first
Our tempo means you read the breaking news before anyone else – allowing you to take action first


Understand More
We give all sides of the story and are driven by transparency and openness giving you the clearest view in a competitive landscape

Here at Insider Publishing Group, we believe business intelligence should be built-to-use & needs to positively drive real decisions to be worth paying for.

Our award winning team of journalists wear uncompromising integrity and brutal honesty as our ultimate badge of honour and as an organisation, this ethos is carried throughout the business

Insider Publishing Group AS AN EMPLOYER

Part of a global brand

Insider Publishing Group is part of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC.
Euromoney is known for its entrepreneurial culture.
Empowering teams to deliver the best for their customers, businesses and fast-moving markets. Euromoney's people are creative, action-orientated, close to their customers, passionate about their brands, knowledgeable about the industries they serve and accountable for their results. With 1,600 staff working in 32 offices across more than 10 countries - working for Insider really does make you part of a global brand

Career development

Our employees are integral to maintaining our reputation.
We believe in giving people responsibility early in their careers and look to nurture each individual with a view to develop our future leaders from within.

Strong belief in Diversity & Inclusion

The InsiderProgress network aims to act as a platform to engage in active and insightful discussion on building the insurance workplace of the future - and this includes within our own team.



"I have been part of the Insider Publishing Group team for 11 years, and have seen it grow and evolve into the market leading news organisation it is today. As a working mum, having flexible hours is extremely important - and I have been offered so much support from the Insider since starting a family. The office itself is a lively and welcoming place to be."
Aimee Fuller
Product Marketing Manager

"I joined the Insider team around two years ago having previously worked at a large corporate company. Being part of a smaller team at the Insider is great as, even though I specialise on the data/research side of things, I have interacted with all parts of the business and gained knowledge beyond my role. Plus, everyone is very friendly and willing to help."
Khilan Shah
Data & Insights Manager



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